Local, affordable Pre-K/K+ and Tutoring Center
 Local, affordable Pre-K/K+ and Tutoring Center

Feel free to contact us via email or phone. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Email: Jeanene Lorey, and Melanie Lorey, co-Directors.

       jmlorey@outlook.com   OR       melanie8501@outlook.com

Phone: (425) 205-9023, Melanie will answer your questions.

       Please leave a message or text for prompt responses.


The Academy has a Whereby link which can be requested if you wish an online face-to-face meeting for consultation.  This is also used for meeting with a student or two students for instruction during the week when homework help is needed, instruction is scheduled at home, or parents just need to touch base with the teacher.  It is safe, secured, and easy!



Facebook:   Calvary Christian Academy


Our classes are very FLEXIBLE and adjustable because the teaching is individualized even with small classes that might transition according to your family circumstances.



    Non-Refundable Registration Fee:  $50 due at time of enrollment completed                                             and confirmed.

    TUITION PAYABLE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH on a basic 4-week                   schedule; months vary and balance out in direct school time, subject to           adjustments when needed.

    Tuition for classes determined on basis of hours scheduled, $10/hr base

     i.e. half day (2 1/2 hrs. for PreK/K AM or PM) = $25

          x days per week desired (M-Th recommended for best learning success)

          (M-T-W or T-W-Th rec....for sequential learning)

          Fridays available, if needed. 


    FULL DAY OR ARRANGED EXTENDED TIME SCHEDULING can be calculated on individual student schedules with parents.  We are able to set affordable, reasonable reduced cost according to possible financial situations especially when enrolling for full day or extended times due to pick up arrangements, etc.


     Full day (M-Th recommended for K) includes transition to lunchtime/activity            time (parents provide ALL food items) =  TALK TO MS. MELANIE


IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIED NEEDS EITHER FOR TIMES OR SPECIAL CARE/learning challenge NEEDS OF YOUR CHILD, SHARE YOUR CONCERNS WITH LEAD TEACHER MS. MELANIE.   Additional educational background, medical documents, or previous school/learning program assessments should be available or also discussed.  We set up individualized curriculum to meet special learning needs.  If we cannot serve the child, we will let you know.  


   These are     challenging        times for           parents.   Contact Us           Today!

8501 Valhalla Drive

Everett, Washington 98208

in Eastmont Community

,  Phone: 1-425-205-9023

Please lv message.


E-mail: jmlorey@outlook.com








We are not affiliated with any specific denomination, organization,  or subject to a church oversight.  We accept all children/families regardless of religious, ethnic, gender or other diversities  if we can meet the learning needs of the child.  We embrace the amazing diversity of families and respectfully work with each to deliver excellent education with joy and love.

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