Local, affordable Pre-K/K+ and Tutoring Center
 Local, affordable Pre-K/K+ and Tutoring Center

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Timeline of CCA Events:
April 1, 2014-September 2020
After completing our ninth year in June 2013 and being forced to pack the entire school before selling our property in Riverside, we set out to procure a feasible site. The Valhalla property was purchased April 1, 2014. Since then numerous legal reviews and assessments for geotech, wetlands report, storm water, property survey, traffic mitigation, and other code requirements were met in order to submit paperwork for a permit.

Our Conditional Use Permit Application was finally accepted by Snohomish County in mid February 2015. Unfortunately, by August it became clear that we did not have the $100,000 to cover costly additional county requirements such as an 80-foot paved turnaround, a private fire hydrant, fire sprinkler system, relocated widened driveway, extensive fencing, and professional landscaped buffer. We had no choice but to withdraw our school conditional use permit application.


Renovation on existing building completed and included a new metal roof, exterior paint, lots of new windows, wiring and plumbing upgrade, new gutters, remodel of two restrooms/washrooms, opened fireplace room to large library center, installation of new gas fireplace insert, and lots of personal painting, landscaping, grooming the grounds. The garage is fully functional as a resource center and workshop. The property has privacy fencing and is gated for security.
 October 2015 - Present

Melanie Lorey, co-director and tutor/teacher, moved into the residence. Jeanene Lorey, her mother, serves as co-director and tutor/teacher. Read "About Us" for personal and professional details.


During COVID shutdown, we have landscaped, gardened, painted, mowed, groomed, upgraded creatively, tried to re-open safely for a 10th year, found ourselves in challenging times for a small private school.....and SO MISSING STUDENTS AND THE JOY OF TEACHING!  We want to sit in front of our glowing gas fireplace on the colorful huge calendar carpet and share stories, puppets, music, games, and resources....or learn and play outdoors in the safe activity lawn areas surrounding the classroom with its private entrance!

Three large rooms are fully equipped with a wealth of academy resources.  Students could start TODAY with a full program. The ACADEMY CENTER is NOW OPEN TO SERVE A WIDE RANGE OF LEARNING NEEDS in the Everett community!


Gather a few of your child's friends and families with PreK/K children, consider pooling your resources and transportation needs, and plan to call for a visit.

Every day a great learning and play time with best friends!!!  Can't get any better than this!



      for a day, a month,

      a year round learning                 experience.

   These are     challenging        times for           parents.   Contact Us           Today!

8501 Valhalla Drive

Everett, Washington 98208

in Eastmont Community

,  Phone: 1-425-205-9023

Please lv message.


E-mail: jmlorey@outlook.com








We are not affiliated with any specific denomination, organization,  or subject to a church oversight.  We accept all children/families regardless of religious, ethnic, gender or other diversities  if we can meet the learning needs of the child.  We embrace the amazing diversity of families and respectfully work with each to deliver excellent education with joy and love.

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